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Crestview Elementary School

Oct '19
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NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Mardas, Despina   School Secretary
Patel, Bella   Teacher
Robin, Donna   Psychologist
Savard, Jessica   Vice Principal
Tsimiklis (Interim), Irene  Administration Principal
Drissi, Noudar  French Teacher
Katsaros, Kathryn  French Teacher
Loiseau, Joanne  French Teacher
Mapp, Hilary  French Teacher
Asmaklis, Elias  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Bergola, Jason  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Bellezza, Patricia  Resource Teacher
Burko, Ashley  Resource Teacher
Adams, David  Special Education Teacher
Bon Miller, Nick  Special Education Teacher
Cox-Twardowski, Ruth  Special Education Teacher
DiIonno, Linda  Special Education Teacher
Donas, Joanna  Special Education Teacher
SauvĂ©, Kelly  Special Education Teacher
Shapiro, Corey  Special Education Teacher
Vaccaro, Mary  Special Education Teacher
Zechmeister, Sandy  Special Education Teacher Language Class
Soulis, Maria  Technician Daycare
Burnett, Colleen  Cycle 1 Teacher
Petoselli, Deborah  Cycle 1 Teacher
Amanatidis, Christina  Cycle 2 Teacher
DeGennaro, Lucy  Cycle 2 Teacher
Dorfman, Connie  Cycle 2 Teacher
Amaral, Jennifer  Cycle 3 Teacher
Parente, Melissa  Cycle 3 Teacher
Rivera, Lilianne  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6
Stilianesi, Cathy  Cycle 3 Teacher
Papazafiropoulos, Demetra  Kindergarten Teacher

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