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Crestview Elementary School


Adams, David Special Education Teacher
Amaral, Jennifer Cycle 3 Teacher
Belvedere, Laura French Teacher
Bon Miller, Nick Special Education Teacher Consultant
Burnett, Colleen Cycle 1 Teacher
Busnardo, Sonia Administration Vice Principal
Cerveira, Brittany Special Education Teacher Cycle 3
Cox-Twardowski, Ruth Special Education Teacher
DeGennaro, Lucy Cycle 2 Teacher
Donas, Joanna Special Education Teacher
Dorfman, Connie Cycle 2 Teacher
Drissi, Noudar French Teacher
Guillen, Maria Professional Speech Lang. Pathologist
Ianni, LIna Professional Occupational Therapist
Katsaros, Kathryn Special Education Teacher
Klein, Jennifer Special Education Teacher French
Konidis, Roula Administration Secretary
Lindsay, Sheila Student Support Special Ed. Technician
Loiseau, Joanne French Teacher
Mapp, Hilary French Teacher
Mardas, Despina Administration School Secretary
Michelon, Jaclyn Cycle 2 Teacher
Moyle, Lola Resource Teacher
Neves, Marta Special Education Teacher Cycle 1
Papazafiropoulos, Demetra Kindergarten Teacher
Parente, Melissa Cycle 3 Teacher
Petoselli, Deborah Cycle 1 Teacher
Robin, Donna Professional Psychologist
Sauvé, Kelly Special Education Teacher
Scala, Michelina Student Support Special Ed. Technician
Shapiro, Corey Special Education Teacher
Soulis, Maria Technician Daycare
Stilianesi, Cathy Cycle 3 Teacher
Tsimiklis, Irene Administration Principal
Vaccaro, Mary Special Education Teacher
Zechmeister, Sandy Special Education Teacher Language Class

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